Our natural winemaking methods mean minimal handling of grapes and wine. This includes hand harvesting which minimizes bruising and brings only the finest fruit to the winery. It also includes piegage by hand, which means the ‘punching’ down of the cap of the red pomace during fermentation.

The majority of the wines are fermented with naturally occurring native yeast, which imparts more complexity and character.

We fine the wines at the most suitable moment, taking into consideration weather conditions, the temperature, the wind, the pressure , and the phase of the moon. If we are successful at fining the natural way there is no need for filtering, not even for the white wines. Sometimes we use Montmorillonite clay to help clarify the wine and enhance its stability.

Winemaking - part two

The use of clean and concentrated grapes together with our winemaking practices means that, other than the obvious small dose of sulfites, our wine is free from additives such as synthetic tannins, clarifying agents, stabilisers etc.