Our natural winemaking methods mean minimal handling of grapes and wine. This includes hand harvesting which minimizes bruising and brings only the finest of fruit to the winery. It also includes piegage by hand, which means the ‘punching’ down of the cap of the red pomace during fermentation. The majority of the wines is fermented with naturally occurring native yeast, which imparts more complexity and character.

We make all our sparkling wines with the traditional method. That means that the forming of the mousse, the ‘prise de mousse’, is done by a second fermentation in the bottle. After a long period of ageing (depending on the wine, from 6 - 48 months), in order to get rid of the lie in the bottle we riddle (turn) every bottle about 90 - 120 times, by hand. Three times a day, during a month.

Winemaking - part two

At the end of the riddling process, we disgorge the bottles one by one on a particular moment when the moon phase is most suitable. We do this in order to secure the finest bubbles. That happens about 6 times every year.

The use of clean and concentrated grapes, together with our winemaking practices means that, other than the obvious dose of sulfiltes, our wines are totally free from additives such as not-natural tannins, clarifying agents, stabilisers, preservatives, colour enhancers, smootheners, etc.