Laurens and Annette

The people

Domaine Karanika was founded by Laurens M. Hartman - Karanika and Annette van Kampen. Laurens is the son of a Greek mother and a Dutch father. Both he and his wife Annette have lived all their life in the Netherlands and had worked for about 15 years in various management positions in publishing before one day they decided to pursue their dream: to produce top-quality wine. Over the years, they were trained as winemaker, oenologist and vineyardist in Europe and the US. They seriously considered all options, from Australia to Germany, but their love for the amazing Xinomavro variety led them to Amyndeo in Greece.


The people - part two

Laurens is Karanika's oenologist, holding the WSET wine diploma. He makes the plans, the wines and handles Greek bureaucracy. He is Karanika's sales manager, tractor driver, mechanic, marketing manager, electrician, computer helpdesk and bio researcher.


The people - part three

Annette was born and raised on a mixed farm south of Rotterdam. She now is Domaine Karanika's vineyardist and takes care of 5 hectares of old and new biological vineyards. She is the contraweight to Laurens' restless and creative mind. She makes things happen but first and foremost she is the perfect mother to their son Joris.