Organic farming

For Karanika farming is not a means to maximum production, but our role is to nurture an ecological web of biodiversity and help it to reach its full potential while trying to balance the qualitative needs of the Winery with those of Nature.

Everything is related to everything else. Domaine Karanika should be a self-sustaining organism in its own right. Our activities strengthen and balance each other, we keep external inputs, like fertilisers, to a minimum, and we try to put back more to the vineyard than we take out.

Karanika’s work is not to sustain nature. In contrast, we try to maximize health and vitality of soils and crops, and through this our wines.

Organic farming - part two

Our most important tool is compost. We add tiny amounts of biodynamic compost preparations to enliven the compost and speed up humus formation. The Compost in turn increases microbial life and aids harmonisation of plant growth, leading to healthier more robust grapes.

We also use the biodynamic calendar of Maria Thun to organise the activities in both the vineyards and the winery.