Organic farming

Karanika works the vineyards in a traditional and organic way with some elements of biodynamics. This means we use no synthetic fertilisers nor aggressive chemical pesticides. We revitalize the soil with the use of cover crops, like clover and peas, and animal compost from our neighbor shepherd who naturally herds about 100 sheep in the surrounding fields. We use composted grape pomace, a natural grape byproduct, as well as fresh pomace to increase soil fertility.

We combat oidium and mildew using mild doses of sulphur dust and copper sprays together with biodynamic solutions and sprays that strengthen the vines natural resistance. We use the biodynamic calendar of Maria Thun to organize activities in the vineyards. It is all about the right timing and careful dialogue with nature: looking carefully at the vines on a daily basis and giving them what they need.