Our Assyrtiko goes Gold

Domaine Karanika's Assyrtiko gets a Gold medal at the Balkan International Wine Competition. Not bad for our second vintage! 
Our Karanika Brut Cuvee Speciale was also awarded a silver medal.

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Gold Prize, Balkan International Wine Competition 2012 Silver Prize, Balkan International Wine Competition 2012

Meet Artemis

As of harvest 2012, Domaine Karanika is working together with oenologist Artemis Toulaki from Florina. This petite but very firm and extremely experienced young lady is helping Laurens and Annette to optimize their quality procedures. She has worked with the Amyntaio cooperation, so has worked for more than a decade with the much appraised Xinomavro: ‘’I am not here to explain to Laurens how to make a better sparkling wine, he does a perfect job at that, but I can help him to standardize his procedures and help him to keep focus on what he does." Laurens: "We complement each other perfectly, I work from my intuition where Artemis works extremely standardized and has a perfect nose and memory. So in this case it is clearly a 1 + 1 = 3 situation."

Harvest 2012

Now that fermentation of white wines is well under way, we can safely say that harvest 2012 for Assyrtiko and Blanc de Noirs Xinomavro will give great results - at least in terms of aromas, acidity and body. As usual, the weather during the ripening season has been unusual, with late budding due to very cold spring, and fast ripening as a result of the warmest July in the past 120 years. But it seems the somewhat shorter ripening period has not in any way affected the white wines.

New Domaine Karanika Red

The first bottles of our new red top blend 'Domaine Karanika' 2011 are leaving for our partner WineWise in California within a couple of weeks. Now that Karanika’s Limniona vines are maturing, the resulting wine is finally meeting our firm standards, so we are able to produce the so much desired blend of 50% Limniona with 50% Xinomavro of old vines. Because of its exceptional quality, it will enter the market under the Karanika line, thus replacing the Terra Levea Grand Reserve label.

Terra Levea Grande Reserve 2008 sold out

Our Terra Levea Grande Reserve 2008 is now sold out in Canada, Greece and Germany. Only in the Netherlands are there a couple of cases left - about 60 bottles of the Xinomavro-Cabernet-Merlot blend.

For info please contact www.grieksewijnen.com

Karanika Brut is conquering Attica

Karanika Brut is conquering Attica. After stylish restaurant Vassilenas in Pireaus and iconic Hotel Grande Bretagne, our sparkling wine is now served at the most popular wine bars in the center of Athens: enjoy a glass at Baba au Rum, Heteroclito and, as of this week, Oinoscent at Voulis 47.

Brut and Assyrtiko awarded Gold in Germany

Both our Terra Levea Assyrtiko and Karanika brut received Gold awards at the Wine System AG competition in Germany. The Assyrtiko with a staggering 93 point was the highest graded of all white wines. The Karanika Brut with 92 points was the best sparkling wine of all


Tom Stevenson on Domaine Karanika

 “I shall be keeping a very close eye on Laurens Hartman in the future. He has the potential to produce a world class sparkling wine and of all the budding new sparkling wine superstars I am currently following, Hartman is the only one not using classic Champagne grape varieties. Xinomavro’s naturally high acid and intrinsically low colour makes it the obvious choice for anyone trying to craft a sparkling wine that is expressive of its Greek roots, but seldom have I come across any artisanal sparkling wine that is as polished as Hartman’s 2010-based second release of Domaine Karanika Xinomavro Brut. It has a silky-smooth mousse that most champenois would die for. Okay, I could quibble about the wine, and I did face to face with Hartman, but it is already the best sparkling wine produced in Greece. With his 2011 on yeast and 2012 still base wine both show promise, it is only a matter of time and experience before Hartman crafts something truly world class.”

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